Range of Brand Electrical Equipments

Schneider Electric

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Crane Wireless Remote Control - EXLhoist

The Harmony® eXLhoist range of wireless remote control systems is an operatorcontrol station used in hoisting and material handling applications. The remote control system is a combination of these devices which communicates via radio transmission.

Magelis SCU Small HMI Controllers

The ultra-compact range of MagelisTM SCU Small HMI controllers are part of Schneider Electric’s Flexible Machine Control concept, a key element in MachineStruxureTM. The Magelis SCU HMI controllers offer brings together Human Machine Interface and control functions within in a single product.

Magelis GTO Advanced Optimum Panels

Magelis GTO Advanced panels feature optimized information and communication technologies, which, depending on the model. b External storage of data (SD memory card and USB memory stick) for storing production data and backing up applications.

Magelis Easy GXU Essential panels

The range of Magelis Easy GXU touch screen terminals has been designed for manufacturers of simple machines and is dedicated to the following fields and types of machine: Textile, Packaging, HVAC & Pumping, Miscellaneous activity sectors.

Magelis XBT N, XBT R Small Panels with keypad

Magelis XBT N and Magelis XBT R/RT terminals are used to display messages and variables. In addition, Magelis terminals XBT RT can display small graphic elements. On XBT RT terminals, the touch screen can also be used to modify variables, control devices and navigate within the dialogue application.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Schneider's Modicon X80 I/O Platform

The Modicon X80 I/O platform serves as a common platform for Modicon M340, Modicon Quantum Ethernet I/O, Modicon M580 PACs, and future Modicon Mx80 controllers. With a common platform, a much smaller stock of spare parts needs to be held, and maintenance and training costs are significantly reduced.

Modicon M340 Automation Platform

The Modicon M340 automation platform comprises: BMXP34 dedicated processors, A Modicon X80 I/O platform, in a single-rack or multi-rack configuration Additional modules for various applications (application-specific, Ethernet communication, etc.)

Modicon M580 Automation Platform

Modicon M580 ePACs (Ethernet programmable automation controllers) offer openness, flexibility, robustness, and sustainability. They are designed with an Ethernet backbone to optimize connectivity and communications. They support X80 common I/O modules, which can be easily integrated into its architecture.

Modicon M241 Logic Controllers

Modicon M241 logic controllers are designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions. They have an embedded Ethernet port offering FTP Client/Server, Web Server and SQL Client and OPC UA Server services, meaning they can easily be integrated in control system architectures...

Modicon M221 Logic Controllers

Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers are designed for simple machines. They can optimize the size of the wall -mounted and floor-standing control system enclosures due to their compact dimensions.

Modicon M218 Selection Guide

The Modicon M218 logic controller is a compact, expandable controller that offers “all-in-one” solutions in a compact unit. With intelligent software platform, specialized functional blocks, powerful embedded functions and flexible system configuration, Modicon M218 can definitely meet your control requirements in target industries...

Modicon Easy M200 Logic Controllers

The best performance/price ratio solutions for your small automation systems requiring flexibility and simple motion ModiconTM Easy M200 logic controllers comprise 8 logic controllers for 110…220V power supply. This range is completed by optional (analog and digital) I/O and communication cartridges and by a complete set of I/O expansion modules (Modicon TM3 range).

Modicon Easy M100 Logic Controllers

Modicon Easy M100 logic controllers: the cost effective and easy solution to sequential control needs for your simple machines up to 40 I/O. The Modicon Easy M100 range has been designed for use in small automation systems and machines, with few actuators and sensors. They are ideal for use in the following sectors and for the repetitive machines

Modicon M172 Logic Controller

The Modicon M171/M172 logic controller range has been developed to manage digital and analog inputs and outputs for controlling HVAC machines and to offer numerous possibilities for connection to different Building Management System communication networks

Modicon M171 Logic Controller

The Modicon M171/M172 logic controller range has been developed to manage digital and analog inputs and outputs for controlling HVAC machines and to offer numerous possibilities for connection to different Building Management System communication networks.

Modicon M171 Logic Controller

Zelio Logic smart relays are designed for use in small automated systems. They are used in both the industrial and commercial sectors. Their compact size and ease of setting-up make them a competitive alternative to solutions based on cabled logic or specific cards.

Power Supply

Power Supplies Phaseo ABL8

The ABL8FEQ/8TEQ range of power supplies is designed to provide the DC voltage necessary for the control circuits of automation system equipment. Comprising two families, this range meets the needs encountered in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Power Supplies Phaseo ABL1

Regulated switch mode power supplies ABL1REM/1RPM, 60 to 240 W – Mounting on panel ABL1REM/1RPM Phaseo range regulated switch mode power supplies are specially designed to provide the d.c. voltage necessary for electrical equipment operating on a safety extra low voltage (SELV).