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Altivar Process Drives (ATV900)

Altivar Process drives can help improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimizing energy consumption and user comfort. Altivar Process drives provide a wide range of integrated functions

Altivar ATV340 Machine Drives

Altivar Machine drives offer extensive flexibility in machine applications. Depending on customer requirements, Ethernet embedded drives, and Modular drives are available up to 75 kW.

Godrej Lock Bodies & Cylinders

Recommended for standard residential on internal doors Solid steel chassis and latch case, zinc plated for extended corrosion resistance Suitable for door thickness 30-50mm Guaranteed for 200,000 cycles Adjustable Back-set 60/70mm.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC PANELS)

Programmable logic controller (PLC) control panels or also known as PLC Automation Panel are one of the most important and efficient kinds of control panels. Which are generally used in variety of electronic and electrical circuit fittings.

Crane Wireless Remote Control - EXLhoist

The Harmony® eXLhoist range of wireless remote control systems is an operatorcontrol station used in hoisting and material handling applications. The remote control system is a combination of these devices which communicates via radio transmission.

Schneider's Modicon X80 I/O Platform

The Modicon X80 I/O platform serves as a common platform for Modicon M340, Modicon Quantum Ethernet I/O, Modicon M580 PACs, and future Modicon Mx80 controllers. With a common platform, a much smaller stock of spare parts needs to be held, and maintenance and training costs are significantly reduced.

Schneider's Soft Starters Altistart 01

The Altistart 01 soft starter operates either as a torque limiter on starting or as a soft start/soft stop unit for asynchronous motors. Using the Altistart 01 starter enhances the starting performance of asynchronous motors by allowing them to start gradually, smoothly, and in a controlled manner.

WAGO-I/0-System 750 XTR

For Extreme Applications, Where Even This Extended Temperature Range Is Not Sufficient The WAGO-I/0-SYSTEM 750 XTR Is Available. Industrial Automation Technology Is Typically Operated In Temperatures Ranging From 0°C To 55 °C. However, There Are Applications That Require An Extended Temperature Range.


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Electrical Panels

MCC & PCC Panels, PLC & VFD Panels, LT & Power Factor Panels, EOT Cranes & Lift Panels

Logic Controllers
Modicon Easy M200

Modicon Easy M200 controllers can easily be integrated in typical architectures. machine to devices (variable speed drives, remote I/O modules, operator dialog terminals) with the I/O Scanner function and machine to supervision with the Modbus Client/Server function

Variable Speed Drives
Altivar Machine ATV320

The Altivar Machine ATV320 is an IP 20 variable speed drive for three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors, and incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications